Plants & Flowers

The “Plants & Flowers” section serves as a comprehensive guide for garden enthusiasts interested in enriching their outdoor or indoor spaces with vibrant blooms and lush greenery. From the reliable beauty of annuals and perennials to the enchanting allure of native and exotic species, this category offers a deep dive into the world of botanical splendor.

Esperanza Yellow Bell Flower
Esperanza Plants: Growth and Care
Bird of Paradise Flower
Bird of Paradise Flower: Planting, Cultivation & Care
California Poppy - State Flower of California
The Golden Poppy: California’s Vibrant Emblem
photo of someone with clippers to show deadheading flowers
Deadheading Flowers: How to Enjoy Flowers Longer
photo of chrysanthemums to show plants with daisy like flowers
Plants With Daisy Like Flowers
How to Plant Hostas Garden Photo of walkway and hosta plants
When and How to Transplant Hostas
Photo of someone pruning hydrangeas
Pruning Endless Summer Hydrangeas
Flowering Chive Plant in a Garden
Flowering Herbs: 14 Great Ornamental Herbs
Purple Liatris Flower in Bloom - Florida Native Plants
Native Florida Flowers – 12 Colorful Ideas For Your Yard