Hydrangea Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Blue Hydrangea Flower - Hydrangea Meaning

When it comes to hydrangea flower meaning and symbolism, a popular Japanese legend is often told. According to the legend, long ago a Japanese emperor gave hydrangeas to the family of a girl he loved. The emperor was a very focused businessman and he had neglected the girl. The flowers were a token of his remorse. As a result, hydrangeas became associated with an apology and heartfelt emotion. Through the years, the different colors of hydrangeas have taken on different meanings in different cultures. The most common colors are variations of pink, purple, blue, and white.

Pink Hydrangea Meaning and Symbolism

Pink Hydrangea Flower
Beautiful close up of a pink Hydrangea flower

Pink hydrangeas symbolize love, romance, and sincere emotions. Like a lot of pink flowers, a bouquet of pink hydrangeas is a great choice for expressing love.

Purple Hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea Flower
Purple Hydrangea Bloom

Across the world, the color purple symbolizes royalty. This is also the case with purple hydrangeas. The purple hydrangea flower meaning symbolizes not only royalty but also pride and gratefulness.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea Bloom
Blue Hydrangea blooms along a landscaped path

The blue hydrangea flower meaning and symbolism is, perhaps, the strangest of all. They are symbolic of apology, gratitude, and understanding. They are a way of expressing your concern for another’s feelings. Oddly enough, blue hydrangeas also symbolize frigidity and rejection. For instance, English men in the 1800s gave blue hydrangeas to women who rejected their wedding proposal, accusing them of frigidity.

White Hydrangea

White Hydrangea Flower
White Hydrangea Flower

White hydrangeas flowers symbolize boasting, vanity, and purity. Therefore, a row of white hydrangeas in front of a home once was ostentatious and boastful. Today, this is not the case.

Modern Hydrangea Meaning and Symbolism

While hydrangea flower meaning and symbolism may have changed through different cultures and time periods, one thing has not. The truth is, the color of hydrangea is indicative of soil condition, not feelings. According to the hgtv website, acidic soil with a pH lower than 6.0 yields blue blooms. Alkaline soil with a pH above 7 promotes pink hydrangeas. A pH level between 6 and 7 creates purple blooms. Interestingly, the true white hydrangea remains white regardless of pH level. Today, hydrangeas are mostly chosen for bouquets due to color preferences, not symbolism.

Hydrangea Flower Meaning and SymbolismHydrangea Flower Meaning and Symbolism